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about US

AL-Mehran Rural Development Organization (AMRDO), a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in Sindh, Pakistan, is a legal entity under the Society Act XXI of 1860 with Registration No. 5194.

Al Mehran Rural Development Organization (AMRDO), a non-political, non-profit-making, and non-governmental organization (NGO) recognized at the national level, was founded in 1998 and registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860, Registration No. 5194. Mehran Rural Development Organization (AMRDO) provides quality and standardized services to the marginalized and deprived communities of rural and remote areas of Sindh and addresses the following issues: health and nutrition; food security and livelihood; water and sanitation; education; gender mainstreaming; advancement and sustainable agriculture; water security; environment; climate change; disaster preparedness and management; youth empowerment by involving the people in the development process, leading towards sustainable livelihood practices in less privileged areas of Sindh. Along with social services, AMRDO has provided consulting services to national-level firms, NGOs, and the corporate sector for logistics, capacity-building training, data collection, monitoring, mentoring, and project evaluation in various parts of the country.

AMRDO employs a diverse team of humanitarian and development practitioners with expertise in new agricultural technologies, strategic planning and development, capacity building, career counseling, and other technical fields. The technical expert team, whose role is to provide technical inputs/assistance to development agencies in the fields of advanced agriculture technologies, community development, and humanitarian response, with a wide range of experience and technical expertise in multidimensional sectors, and well-trained, committed volunteers in the communities as well as in the Board, who continue to provide guidance and facilitation.
In the course of the community development process, AMRDO has set a goal to implement and execute a number of challenging projects with diversified communities in Sindh. The inevitable role of partner organisations networked with local, provincial, national, and international organisations not only strengthened its position as a proactive social change actor but significantly contributed to achieving Sustainable Development Goals at the provincial level, which will untimely contribute at the global level too.


AMRDO has made a considerable shift in its programming approach over the years. From direct service provision to enabling poor and vulnerable groups, AMRDO has evolved into a rights-based organisation in order to address the underlying causes of poverty. Our focus is explicitly on the well-being, social position, and rights of men, women, and children from marginalised communities.

AMRDO focuses on developing the potential of women and girls to drive long-lasting equitable changes. We strategically emphasise promoting quality healthcare, inclusive education, gender equity, sustainable livelihood opportunities, and disaster relief and preparedness.

Our efforts are focused on fighting against the underlying causes of poverty, building secure and resilient communities, and ensuring a life of dignity for all men, women, young people, and children from the most marginalised and vulnerable communities. It also undertakes activities and programmes that make a difference in the lives of rural people. For example, it brings technological change, community physical infrastructure, livelihood uplifting, nutrition and health, basic education and literacy, skills through training, access to new markets, etc. AMRDO empowers both rural and urban men and women on the outskirts of society, allowing them to participate more freely in public forums and gain access to resources that they would not otherwise have.

As we move ahead, our key programming approach will continue to include social analysis and action; gender transformative value chain approaches; leadership and life skills strengthening; building capacities and leadership roles at multiple levels; advocacy on national and international platforms; and facilitating links and dialogues between public, private, and civil society.

Our Believes

In the potential power of the poor and rural people to participate actively in development initiatives within their community.

In equal opportunity for men and women in society irrespective of class, age, ethnic, culture or religion.

In freedom of expression, movement and choice by man and women alike

Freedom In social harmony free from communal bias.

Encouragement of innovation and creativity
Prioritizing quality, Enhancing coordination and networking and Accepting challenges

Utilization of local wisdom and resources


Head Office
Mezzanine floor, Moheen Plaza, Abdullah Heaven, near Abdullah Mall Road, Qasimabad Hyderabad
Email: Info@amrdopakistan.org
Contact No: 0222114005
Mobile No / Whatsapp / 03013614864
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